How to prevent recurrent ectopic pregnancy

According to statistics, there had been an ectopic pregnancy in women, 10% -15% of people will once again take place ectopic pregnancy. So, how to prevent it from happening again ectopic pregnancy? Here are Shanghai Renai Hospital experts in detail, we hope to help.

How to prevent recurrent ectopic pregnancy?

A timely treatment of reproductive system diseases

Tubal pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, reproductive system diseases, is caused by women for the first time one of the causes of ectopic pregnancy, but also induce a major cause of ectopic pregnancy from happening again. Therefore, to prevent and treat these diseases in a variety of illnesses disappeared completely before considering pregnancy, which can effectively prevent the recurrence risk of ectopic pregnancy.

2, to prevent abortion

Women who will not consider fertility, contraceptive measures must do, is to increase the pelvic recurrent abortion, intrauterine lesions is a major factor, but also induce ectopic pregnancy occurs again one of the causes. Good contraceptive measures to fundamentally eliminate the risk of ectopic pregnancy.

3, set the monitor ovulation

Fallopian tubes and ovaries are bilateral, usually unilateral tubal pregnancy, pregnant again choose as long as the other side of the normal function of the fallopian tubes and ovaries to complete fertilization. Therefore, women with a history of ectopic pregnancy had selected again pregnant, before ovulation can be observed through clinical science that ovulation is about to occur on which side, choose a side not suffered an ectopic pregnancy after ovulation cycle, and then select Forward House thing, so you can greatly reduce the probability of the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy again, especially for the first time in the conservative treatment of ectopic pregnancy women better.

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