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Enterprise credit report query what materials to apply for corporate loans sometimes require a good corporate credit, you need a corporate credit report. Enterprise credit report may be the legal representative or authorized agent of the ag


China law firm. High level PRC legal advice. Some of our work has been done on behalf of large multinationals. Our other client focus is on Chinese companies going overseas.Our main office is in Beijing.

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I just spent all night organizing my office in Shenzhen, China. A typical China lawyers office. Literally. Its 4 am here and I mine as well not sleep. I just mov

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Our services including translation, China visa policy consulting, China immigration plan arrangement, document preparation submission, accompany delivery service

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1. 1. Types of Business Presence in China: Before starting up a business in China, you have to know what the options are. Foreign Investors generally establish a

China Company Credit Verificat

How can you check whether a Chinese compa

Do you run or plan to start importing from China but do not know whether your Chinese business partner is a legally registered company? This is a common problem

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At Huashang(the Law Office of Peter Zhu), our Intellectual Property Litigation group excels at delivering winning legal strategies in high-stakes intellectual pr

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Divorce Litigation In Beijing China Some people facing a divorce are looking for the bulldog attorney, and some are looking for an attorney who really takes the